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Jaclyn Victor Sah Hamil Anak Pertama

Jaclyn Victor Sah Hamil Anak Pertama

Penyanyi bersuara merdu iaiti Jaclyn Victor kini sah hamil anak pertama.Berita ini disampaikan oleh Jaclyn Victor sendiri melalui laman sosial.

Anak pertama ini dijangka dilahirkan pada bulan Ogos 2015 nanti. Tahniah buat Jac dan juga suami iaitu Shawn.

~Peminat Avengers: Age Of Ultron (KLIK SINI)

Ini  komen dari jaclyn Victor:

Praying for the safe return of my Shawn to Malaysia

I absolutely love listening to Moms talk about all the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the inspiring, the not-so-glamorous moments of motherhood and still, somehow through it all, they feel so blessed and always thank God!

I am so happy that I am finally gonna be able to experience all of the above and much more.

B - being two has been much fun
A - & we've been over the moon
B - but we wanted to add one more
Y - you'll get to meet him/her soon

Shawn and I are expecting,
Yes it's so so true,
Will we decorate in pink or in blue? Well we'll let you know in a few,
God has blessed us with a lil kicker,
Due to arrive in the summer,
August 2015 to be precise,
We're keeping it a nice lil surprise

~Peminat Avenger: Age Of Ultron (KLIK SINI)


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