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Jom tengok kepakaran isteri Norman KRU, Dr Shireen

Norman dan isterinya telah membina mahligai bahagia sejak 2009. Isteri Norman juga mempunyai pelajaran yang tinggi serta mempunyai Ph.D yang membolehkan beliau digelar Dr Shireen. Jom tengok sedikit info pendidikan isteri Norman ini.

sumber: KRU Academy 

Dr. Shireen graduated with a B.A. in Mathematics & Economics from Reed College, Oregon (USA), after which she obtained her M.Sc. in Management from the Arthur D. Little Management Education Institute (now known as Hult International Business School) in Massachusetts (USA).

After working in Boston for a year, she left the United States of America to pursue further studies in Economics at the London School of Economics and Political Science in London (UK), where she subsequently received her M.Sc. in Economics.

After attaining her Ph.D. in Economics she returned home to Malaysia, where she has had a diverse career that saw her traverse various industries including research, stock broking, investment banking and finally tobacco as multinational JT International’s Regional Head of Corporate Affairs for South East Asia & India.

At KRU she is responsible for the overall operations of the Group, and also heads the Group’s international business operation...

Dr. Shireen M. Hashim Director KRU Academy


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