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Photos Of Charyl Chappuis's Girlfriend

Photos And Pictures: Charyl Chappuis's Girlfriend, Melanie Manuel

Charyl Chappuis is one of the most talented and handsome Thailand footballer.

He was born in Kloten , Switzerland and his father is from Switzerland while his mother is a Thai lady. At the age of 22, he is currently one of the best Thailand midfielder.

Although he is good-looking, Charyl Chappuis wants to be remembered for football not his looks.

"Yes, of course I like the attention, it is a great feeling but in the end, it is also difficult to handle because you don't know if they like you just for your looks or for your football skills. And for me, I hope its football." Charyl Chappui told ESPN.

Bad news for ladies out there, Charyl Chappuis currently dating with a beautiful young women, her name is Melanie Manuel.

Here are a few romantic photos of Charyl Chappuis and his girlfriend, Melanie Manuel :


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