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Reaksi Mengejutkan Afdlin Shauki Apabila Jackie Chan Dapat 'Datuk'

Reaksi Mengejutkan Afdlin Shauki Apabila Jackie Chan Dapat 'Datuk'

Semalam pelakon hebat dari Hong Kong, Jackie Chan telah dianugerahkan darjat yang membawa pangkat "Datuk" kepadanya.

Namun reaksi dari Afdlin Shauki dilihat telah mengejutkan orang ramai dengan statusnya di laman sosial facebook tentang penganugerahan "Datuk" tersebut.

Ini komen Afdlin Shauki:

Dont get me wrong, I love Jackie Chan too, but a datukship means jack shit to him, apalah sangat datukship on the international stage. For a Malaysian, we know its a great honour to be bestowed (not bought) a datukship. It would mean a lot again if these datukships were conferred on malaysians who actually made the country proud for their contributions to the country. Give a datukship to people who risked their lives for others during the banjir la.... Make these datukships mean something again! Just my two cents.

2 jam kemudian Afdlin Shauki memuatnaik status ini pula:

Love you Datuk. Congratulations. You have made many Malaysians happy over the years. You are practically a Malaysian household. Name. Why dont you come and live in Malaysia? We would love to have you as one of our kinsman. Teach us how to make better films, teach us how to bring our film industry back to life. Teach us...

Ramai artis antarabangsa dan dari negara lain yang mendapat peniktirafan dan kini bergelar 'Datuk' seperti Shah Rukh Khan dan juga Rossa.


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