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Fatwa ratu cantik dah LAPUK - Sara Amelia

Rasanya ramai sudah mengetahui tentang isu 'Miss World' ini di mana fatwa telah mengharamkan wanita islam daripada menyertai pertandingan ini. Namun, salah seorang daripada bekas peserta ini tidak berpuas hati dengan kenyataan fatwa itu dan bertindak mengeluarkan kenyataannya sendiri. 

Apabila membaca kenyataan daripada Sara Amelia Bernard ini jelas bahawa dia menyatakan bahawa fatwa itu adalah lapuk dan ramai di kalangan yang memberi komen supaya Sara kembali memperjuangkan haknya untuk menyertai semula pertandingan itu malah ada segelintir yang memberi komen supaya Sara bertukar ke agama lain. Masyallah! Sedih pula mendengarnya.

Sebagai umat dan wanita yang beragama islam tidak seharusnya mempertikaikan isu ini. Dimana jelasnya islam itu sendiri menghalang umatnya daripada terus melakukan kesilapan.

Ini adalah luahan yang di tulis sendiri oleh Sara Amelia Bernard di laman Facebooknya. Baca dan nilaikan sendiri :-

My thoughts on being disqualified from Miss Malaysia World because I am Muslim

 I've always wanted to join Miss Malaysia, and was so excited to receive news that Muslim girls would be able to participate in Miss Malaysia World this year. It was finally an opportunity to show the world what true Malaysian beauty is. A beauty queen is not merely a pretty face but is intelligent, cultured, well-spoken, kind hearted, warm and friendly. She uses her title to help others and participates in various charities worldwide. The idea of working with underprievelaged children and the less fortunate motivated me deeply. 

I went for the auditions where I first met the pageant organizer, Miss Malaysia Universe 1990, Datin Anna Lim. She's the type of lady who has a smile that can light up an entire room, a real beauty queen who radiates happiness and warmth wherever she goes. I was told that as a Muslim participant, I would not wear a bikini in the swimsuit round and instead be required to wear something more modest- either a swimsuit with pants or sports attire. I was also informed there that the international grand finals would be held in our Muslim neighbouring country, Indonesia. 

At the auditions, I was given an autobiography book written by Datin Anna. In it were amazing tales of her life's adventure. It seems that we were both from Ipoh! I smiled when I flipped through the pages of photographs of her with orphaned children, cancer patients, Miss Universes's from other nations... I was even more impressed to learn that after the competition, she studied in London and became a stock broker! In fact, she also started her own interior designing firm. A true example of beauty with brains! That night I dreamed of following in her footsteps.

 The next day, I received a call informing me that I had made it into the Top 20 Finalists! I was estatic and overjoyed. A few days later I joined the other girls for a photoshoot and press launch. Just as news that 4 Muslim girls were participants had made headlines, however, it was published that a 'fatwa' existed banning Muslim women in Malaysia from participating in beauty pageants. Wawa, Miera, Kathrina and I were disqualified! 

 Today I am saddened, disappointed and outraged that in 2013 the country's largest ethnic race cannot participate in Miss Malaysia. 

The reason why the 'fatwa' was created in 1996 no longer exists. Competition rules allow Muslim girls to dress modestly. Even if not, shouldn't religion be a personal choice? 

The first Muslim girl won Miss World USA in 2010, and in UK similarly many years ago. Miss world pageant isn't about parading women to entice lust in men but to show the elegance and inner beauty of a woman since the organizations aim to help others through charities. 

Why prevent us from making the country proud? If wearing tight attire is such a sin, why not ban swimming and gymnastics too? 

 As I type the last lines to this note, I just received a message from Datin Anna Lim who has made so much effort and braved to fight for our rights: 

Please to inform you Dato' Anna Lim has been trying to arrange for a meeting with Datuk Wan Zahidi 'why muslim girls are illegal and sinful to participate in beauty pageants'? She wants to know which part of the Quran states that and hope to have a favourable explaination to this matter. But unfortunately her request on the meeting to discuss this matter has not be granted and no further explaination was made. Please help our fight for justice, Malaysia. 

We're standing up against discrimination as this outdated 'fatwa' needs to be ammended. Thanks everyone for all the love and support! #missmalaysiaworld


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